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Decisions... resolutions...

2009-02-08 13:58:46 by Nekoprism

Well... now that I have my new piano and it seems I can manage to contribute a little bit to this community I think it's time to give myself some objectives.

SO! From now on, I'll try to upload something every week whether it's complete or a project in progress. And hopefully that will make me work more on my stuff. I need discipline... and objectives.

I think that's a good start.

One week.

2009-02-04 10:53:57 by Nekoprism

It's been a week we're here today. YEAH!

I was about to post something, but it seems my PC doesn't want to. To make a long story short... After I've been fiddling with my system I found out that I couldn't play anything anymore... No more sound.

I'm working on it... You'll have something as soon as I can.

Sorry guys!

Meanwhile... a little more about us.

2009-02-02 11:08:22 by Nekoprism


So we've been here for a few days now and we'll most likely bring you more good stuff this week.

Meanwhile, like the title says, here's a little more about us.

Me, Neko, been playing the piano forever. Never been in classical school or shit but I've learn most of my trade by myself trough the years. Unfortunatly, time's not on my side... Just reached 30 years old in January and I think I haven't made enough music in all this time. Hopefully, NG will give me objectives to pursue and that we'll learn a little bit from everybody's experience.

I've known Aeroprism for a good 10 years now. He wasn't a musician to begin with, but he's always had a very good hear for music stuff. In the beginning he use to be the bitchin one... meaning he just bitched at what I did trying to make it better... adding his ideas and making it more "Nekoprismic". Through the years, he's done more and more and the mofo's a quick learner I can tell you. BUT! One thing hardly changed, he's always complaining he's not doing much in our creation process. I can confirm that he's done a lot in our music and it wouldn't be the same without him.

I think I can say that there's Neko's music, Aero's music and Nekoprism's music. Aero's music is rarer 'cause by himself he's a bit less proefficent not havong all the music basics he would need to fulfill his creations, but he made videogame remixes and even composed some pretty good stuff by himself. By myself, I've done a lot too, fiddling with Reason (our tool) or just improvising on the piano. But in the end, we did most of our stuff together.

I can't speak for Aero 'cause we coming here was mainly my idea, but I'm here because I know our music isn't perfect (none is I think) but I'm eager to learn from anyone's input. I know some of your comments might be of taste, of experience or whatever it is, and i'll listen 'cause I want to go up a step and advance a little more. If anyone likes our music and want to chat to give us their input out of the ordinary reviews, I'd be real happy to listen. Doesn't mean I'll take on a mentor, but I'm here to share 'cause I think it's the best way to learn.

In closing I'd like to talk a little bit about our music. You'll see, it's a mix of a lot of things. Our influence coming from videogame soundtracks, movie soundtracks, electronic music of many kind, industrial stuff, power metal, classical music, rock... I once was looking for a word to describe what I liked about music. Found it. It's called Euphonie. It's a french word (we're originally french speaking) and it means pleasing sounds. So anything that sounds right in my hears is Euphonique AND I'll like it regarding of the genre. That's me.

So anyway, we'll continue to drop by here and there in the forums once in a while and we'll be on the lookout for all your music and hopefully you'll like ours.

See ya!


2009-01-30 12:22:18 by Nekoprism

Well, well, well...

We're surprisingly happy about the reception we had for our first day around. Our first song uploaded and already people are reviewing and we are listening...

Thanks to all that welcomed us and be sure that we'll be around making our part.

Second upload coming up so we hope you'll enjoy.


Here we are!

2009-01-29 08:55:43 by Nekoprism

Hello everyone!

We are glad to join this great community of creative people!

We'll be sending a lot of great music your way and we hope you'll enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Please send us your comments, they'll be greatly appreciated!

Neko and Aero